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Making it to high school Graduation Day is a big step! Though graduations these last two years have been different, learning more still needs to continue for future success! Schooling Solutions supports you through the early 2020s with updated evidence-based research. Try us!

2022 - Another Year to Make Positive Differences in Your Family Life!

​This is Personal since We Need Help for More Hope for Our Children!



 I’m stressed with so much hurt happening in our families, communities and the  world and want a more positive and peaceful home life that helps my family intentionally improve our mental, physical and emotional health!  

I know there’s more than just technology and on the surface understandings that my children and us adults ​need to learn so we understand 21st-century changes! 

 We want more family learning projects so our family can heal from today’s many negative contradictions that bring both challenges and opportunities. 

 I’m almost ready to graduate – or need to retool my skills for different work - but feel I don’t know enough about the many connections that can help me make sense of this period - and our country - with future trends.  

 My children's schools seem to offer few changes that differ from when we adults were in school.  If they do, I need to learn about them.  

Introducing The S.A.U.C.E. Series

Few resources with targeted information are available to help

Families and Groups working directly with Children

as they work to move beyond the pandemics -

But The S.A.U.C.E Series does as it adds something different 

to help you and your family plan next steps! 

                       In cooking, sauce is added to foods for extra flavor.                            The S.A.U.C.E. Framework helps people add something extra as they 

Speak and Act on generally Unspoken, yet connected topics to 

Challenge what's usually Expected.  

It can help them update their skills and attitudes that can possibly lead to improving or adopting different perspectives that can lead to better choices     or even to discover a new normal for this period. 

Why is S.A.U.C.E.needed at this time?

The 2020s pandemics exposed unhealed wounds on different levels. 

Whether referring to 2020s pandemics that are/were viral or social -                              (racial injustice, climate cri​ses, economic inequality & democracy-hurting actions)

they all impact Individuals,  Families, Communities & Nations around the world.

They also impact our Schools which prepare Next Generations for success         with Your Family's help since families are Children's First Teachers! 

HEALING and LEARNING Are Needed to Restore and Balance Life.

Together, they will bring More Wellness & Well-being 

that help build Mental Health  so We Can Move Forward - not back! 

     How We as the People handle this Contradictory Period is important for                       Our Children's Future Success, their Future Families, Communities,               our Nation and the World since we are connected digitally now.

  Who may need SAUCE help - 

- #1 You may be parents, grandparents or other relatives who want to make sure  that your next generations are better prepared than you, or you may have had to step in to raise children due to loved ones dying or who are unable to care for their children during this period. Or

- #2 You may be struggling foster care children preparing to age out of the system or recent high school graduates who are seeking a better way to close gaps in learning that were not covered by schools or your parents, and/or you may be a young parent finding your way too. Or

- #3 You may have made it past graduation as older Millennials and Gen Zand are searching for next step directions as you retool yourselves - or first tool yourselves - for learning how to resolve the many problems earlier generations are leaving to your generations. Or

- #4 You may be professionals who are trying to understand program or classroom dynamics and the changes needed to make this new school year more conducive to student learning by all your students, especially Black and other students of color. You may be grappling with how to make sure that race IS taken into account this time - but you need to know how to do that in a loving and learning way.  


The SAUCE Series Can Help!  Try Us! 

Dr. DeBora L'T. Mapp          Founder, Schooling Solutions LLC

As a retired educator, Dr. Mapp is a critical-thinking consultant and author known for a holistic approach to education and life that achieves results. As a descendant of the enslaved, granddaughter of farmers and child of civil rights activist parents, She understands that living, learning, schooling and our families are linked and impacted by historical, political, educational and social forces that require a holistic approach. Dr. Mapp  successfully facilitated changed opinions and improved performances throughout her career as an agency career counselor, P-12 teacher-leader and district curriculum coordinator and university administrator and professor. She parented one daughter and four sons to engineering degrees and is the proud GrandMaMa of seven smart, beautiful and thriving grandchildren.

Featured Books in The S.A.U.C.E. Series 

                    Books 1 and 2  -  $12  and the Guided Journal - $15 with Free S/H     E-books are $4.99 each             Text Dr. Mapp with contact info and invoice at 1.4BEST1.1411 and pay with PayPal or CashApp