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We hear so much in the news about problems occurring with today's youth.  It's time to honestly acknowledge that many school stakeholders  - at home, at school and in the community -  are not preparing them for living and learning successfully and peacefully in a fast-paced global world. 

School stakeholders have to work together to better support children as families and schools go through uncertain times. Children  need more conscious support and love from the adults in their lives - and more teaching and caring from their schools.  This will enable more of them to become engaged in their roles at home and school for better chances at living and learning.   

School stakeholders are individuals and groups with direct interests, involvements, concerns or investments in schooling and education. They begin with children and their families, to faculties and staffs in educational institutions (child care, P-12 and higher education), to government officials and workers, to community advocates who support children and families.   All school stakeholders need to upgrade their skills, competencies and attitudes so that we can redesign or at least improve schools for today's realities.    

Students not achieving academically need access to equity so gaps in achievement and opportunities can be closed.  Learn more about Equity and ESSA.    or Every Student Succeeds Act (1965).

Schooling Solutions LLC dba Inspired Schooling Solutions supports you with solutions to schooling challenges!  

On the journey to solutions, we sometimes bring up uncommon and sensitive topics that are usually left unspoken.  We open them for discussion so healing, growth, change or an enhancement of skills, competencies and attitudes can occur.  Some professional 

standards allude to sensitive topics and we help you meet or exceed them.  W hen stakeholders are open to change and willing to gain needed skills, it's easier for them to meet the needs of students so they can begin closing gaps.    With academic achievement and skills and positive attitudes learned at home, students can close gaps and better their life chances.      

Children can then be more successful in resolving future challenges in their homes and communities.  They will also be more prepared to meet opportunities that arise. It's a long journey but each generation is connected to the past and future through families - which are important as society's smallest social units.    

We offer Schooling Solutions that help stakeholders move beyond the status quo. 

Inspired Schooling Solutions services use these two featured Schooling Solutions to improve stakeholder performances:

  • You Are Your Child’s Best Teacher and posters for families, schools and community initiatives
  • Time To Teach books, manuals, music and audio CDs, a DVD and classroom management services and differentiated instruction books for engaging and  motivating students.

In this website, we hope you find everything you need to improve the life chances for all children in your care!

To improve life chances, homes and schools have to improve their functions to match the realities of living and learning today.

Schooling Solutions LLC is focused on providing high-quality services and resources with customer satisfaction that will possibly exceed your expectations.  With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

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The next school year is ALREADY here and we are ready to help you and your organization 
create more success this year as as compared to past years.    

Performance Consultant Lead: 
DeBora L'T. Mapp, Ed.D. 

Schooling Solutions LLC started in 2009.

Certified as a Minority Women Business Enterprise in 2014.  Certified as National Time To Teach Trainer, 2016. International Women's Leadership Association Member, 2016 and National Association of Professional Women VIP Member, 2015.  

Vision: the engagement of stakeholders who transform their families & education so they're aligned with today's realities and academic success for children's improved chances for living and thriving.


Mission: to provide services and products based on wise research that's evidence and reality-based.  

Commitment:  to improving family well-being and their children's academic and life success, while transforming schools and empowering stakeholders to gird themselves with courage, will, beliefs and skills to improve children's life chances. 

   We help stakeholders  PLAN                     and develop STRATEGIES 

     to gain needed RESULTS!

About Dr. Mapp:    Using research focused on equity and excellence, I served more than 40 years as an agency career counselor, P-12 teacher-leader, district curriculum coordinator, community volun-teer,  college administrator and professor. 

 I received recognition from two national groups (AAHE Black Caucus and AERA/ UCEA David Clark) for my  dissertation topic of teacher self-efficacy and African American student engagement. 
EdD Instruction and Administration with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Social Justice focus
MA in Education Guidance and Counseling BA in Education with a Social Studies concentration.  

I am a parent of five children with engineering degrees (1 daughter with PhD and 4 sons with MBA, MS and 2 BSs) and grandparent of seven amazing children whose parents are their Best Teachers!   

      Services and Products              We Offer   

We help you identify and clarify barriers and disconnects to form solutions in your school and home through our services and products. See the resources and services we offer on the Products page.  

In schools, teacher performance is key to student learning in classrooms. This means that the performances of all school stakeholders, including school and district staffs and faculties, have to evolve and change so they can better support teachers and students in their classroom   interactions.  Time To Teach helps in this regard.  See the Time to Teach page!

Many of us sometimes forget that families are important as society's smallest social unit which rears children who attend schools and will eventually work to support our nation.  At home, changes may need to occur so parents and families can better prepare, love and support their children to become capable and feel cared for as they are prepared for school, living and work.  

In the community, advocates, initiatives and organizations that support children and families also have to evolve and change so they offer services that meet the needs of life today which include being 21st century capable. You Are Your Child's Best Teacher is also for advocates and initiatives to use as conversation starters with youth, and for educators needing more information to assist students and their families.  

Offering Services and Products   

1.National Time To Teach Trainer 

    in Classroom Management and       resources in that area and in Engaging     and Motivating Students through     Differentiated Instruction.  

2.Professional and staff seminars        

3.Family and student workshops.  

4. Posters (Common Core, reading           

    and multiplication table/math facts

    to get over math anxiety, thinking       

    skills and SCANS,  etc. ) 

5. Multiplication Table and Math Facts 


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Taking Time to be 21st Century-Capable! 

We have to take time to change or enhance skills, attitudes and our knowledge and work lives. 

To help you in the classroom,  Time To Teach books utilize 21st century skills in the Products, Projects and Performance series for classes in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and integrated subjects in an Elementary (Grades 3-5) book.  

The following topics related to living and learning successfully in the 21st century from You Are Your Child's Best Teacher: A Holistic Guide to Link Home and School (c) 2015:    

Build positive relationships for changes in family dynamics  with this book.  Families can develop plans to change interactions with children around learning and more healthy family lifestyles. 


Choices and decisions made in the past have consequences that impact the present and future since everything is connected and can't be predicted or controlled since people have agency (will). 

Literacy changes as societies and technology change (no longer 3Rs!) and flexibility is needed to be literate. These changes can influence your health and environment, global awareness and finances. Critical thinking is needed!

Lifelong learning has to occur to keep up with the times for better lives. We need to be open to change, creative and innovative and need to feel and think critically to solve complex problems. 

Unconscious bias reduction is incorporated into all sessions when requested. Workshop sessions can be custom designed.  Follow up sessions are available for all stakeholders.  

Student workshops with SELFIE help students empower themselves for more success. Organization skills, study groups and critical thinking workshops are available.        

Community initiatives that support children and families may be in need of added support as they try some of the topics in the book.  Many topics are conversation starters that will help students understand the need for being proactive rather than reactive.  

Time To Teach classroom management strategies are useful to out-of-school time groups like day cares, after school programs, etc.